Explorer Post 227

The DFFD sponsors a Junior Firefighter Explorer program through a joint effort with the Boy Scouts of America. This program introduces students to the fire services and provides firematic training for boys and girls 14 to 18 years of age.

Junior firefighters meet one night a week and train on the operations of the department and work with different firefighting equipment. They learn about the importance of teamwork and the chain of command while woking in a safe and supervised environment.

Junior Firefighters are permitted to respond to emergency calls during specific time periods but are not permitted to respond on department apparatus. They assist firefighters on the fire scene without being put into a hazardous environment. Junior firefighters also participate in company and department drills as well as their own weekly drills and meetings. Many former Junior Firefighters have joined the department and today fill the ranks of Chief, Company Officers and Firefighter.

To become a Junior Firefighter a child must be between 14-18 years of age,maintain good academic standing in school and have a permission form signed by their parent.

To become a member of Junior Firefighter Explorer Post 227 please contact the DFFD for further information at dobbsferryfd@dffd.org